Food Philosophy

Today is Sunday, January 5th


The topic or question of the day is:

 What is your food philosophy and who do you get your ideas, thoughts, and thinking from when it comes to food and eating?

 Philosophy pertains to answering the tough questions like who is God? Who is man?  Why am I here? Where am I going?  Everyone has some kind of food philosophy whether they know it or not.  Developing your personal, positive food philosophy is important, because what we think and believe about food and our diets is what we will put into action.  For example, Vegans have their own food and life philosophy while Lacto-Ovo vegetarians believe in the addition of eggs and dairy to their vegetarian diet.  Biblitarian’s believe the Bible contains all the necessary principles for healthy eating and Ozatarians follow Dr. Oz in everything he promotes on his television show.  Pescatarian’s eliminate all meat except fish in addition to being vegetarian and Omnivore’s eat everything.  A person can also be a combination of different food philosophies as well.  I consider myself a combination Flexitarian and Biblitarian.

 All humans are as different as their fingerprint and throughout their lives have had a plethora of positive or negative food experiences, may have contracted some kind of disease or have had an accident that alters the way they can eat.  These will shape their philosophy on food.  I trust as you journey through this year with the Food Thinkery, you will develop a firm food philosophy of your own.

 Tip or quote of the day:

 Life changes when the mind and heart changes.  “This very moment we can change our lives.  Sit down and start doing the work” – Steven Pressfield

 Take action today by:

 Purchasing a journal to document your journey and begin by writing down your thoughts about food, health and life.  Be sure to date each entry.




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