Purple Cows and Bliss Points

Today is Wednesday, January 8th

 The topic or question of the day is:

 Purple Cows and Bliss Points

 Food manufacturers are purposely producing “purple cows” that have high “bliss points” to entice people to desire their products.  Everyone knows a purple cow is unnatural and not found in nature.  “Purple cow” foods are foods put together in a weird, unnatural way such as a patty of beef with bacon and cheese pressed between two glazed donuts, fried Kool-Aid balls or flaming hot Cheetos.  These foods are not only strange and unusual and can cause a person to want to indulge, but they also have what the industry calls a high bliss point.  A bliss point is the effect a food has on a person’s dopamine level that causes the cannabinoid system to react positively.  This “high” goes directly to the pleasure center, or hedonic hotspot in a person’s brain and opens a pathway toward addiction.  The sensation becomes more and more pleasurable every time the system is activated by these bliss foods and people become addicted.  Most foods that contain a high bliss point are foods satiated with sugar, fat, and salt in high quantities.  Caffeine and chocolate can also produce high bliss points.  If people are not aware of the tactics, they will fall prey to these ‘lions’ and become addicted to these types of foods.  The bottom line is that these foods sell and the food companies make a lot of money!

 Tip or quote of the day:

 “The first 3 bites tastes the best, give away the rest”

 Take action today: 

 1.  List purple cows you have encountered. And beware!

2.  Try taking only 3 bites of something that hits your hedonic hotspot and stop.

3.  Make Vegan Ice Cream:  Take 4 ripe bananas and place in a blender with 2 T. pure maple syrup, 1 tsp. vanilla, 2 T unsweetened cocoa.  Blend well and place in 2 -3 oz. little cups and freeze.











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