Food Fashion

Today is Tuesday, January 21st


The Topic or Question of the day:


Shapes and Color Fashion your Food

Colors, Shapes, and Tablescaping are some ways we fashion our food.  Food Fashion is one reason we like to go out to eat because colorful and unique presentation of food is a pleasure to our eyes.  In your own Food Cookery, you can make food more attractive too.  Below are some Food Fashion principles. 

  1. Think color: At least 3 different colors in your meal.
  2. Think shape: At least 3 different shapes; circles, cubes, julienne. 
  3. Think temperature:  Room temperature, hot and cold combined in a meal.
  4. Think flavor:  Salty, sweet, spicy, earthy (herbs).
  5. Think texture:  Always have a crunch!  Chewy & smooth too.

More Food Fashion Ideas:

  • Add a few peas, corn and carrots with rice to make it colorful.  Colors make food more appealing.
  • Add turmeric to your rice while cooking to give it a nice color.
  • Cut foods in circles, cubes, strips, triangles or shred.  Toast can be cut into triangles or strips.  Examples might be: carrot strips mixed with round peas and a triangle of whole grain toast on the side.
  • Use a lemon zester to shred cheddar cheese to add a little color, but not many calories.
  • Layer white potatoes and sweet potatoes in towers and spray them with olive oil.  Cook at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  Then place a frill pick in them and serve.  Kids love them.
  • Cut a banana into circles and place on small plates. Drizzle chocolate syrup over bananas and sprinkle with crushed nuts and freeze.  Serve after dinner with frill picks.

Tip or Quote of the Day:

Chew your food well, until it feels like applesauce in your mouth.  When you chew, your brain thinks it ate something.  In a study, people were given either 250 calories of a soda pop or 250 calories of jelly beans.  The people who chewed the jelly beans were not hungry later in the day.  The people who drank 250 calories were hungry earlier.

Take Action Today:

  • Try shaping your food 3 different ways.
  • Make sure something crunches in every meal and chew man chew!




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