Planning and Posting Dinner

Emergency Meal

Emergency Meal

Today is Thursday, January 23rd

The topic or question of the day:

Are you planning your meals and posting dinner?

As a dietitian, ask me what three things prevent many people from being successful with weight control, serving healthy foods to their family, or eating for a particular health problem such as diabetes, kidney disease, or high blood pressure. The # 2 reason is lack of planning. Nothing seems to go smoothly when planning is not practiced. We make over 250 decisions a day about food says Brian Wasink in Mindless Eating. Decisions often will lean towards our desires if we don’t have a plan. I strongly encourage people to plan their days, weeks, meals, along with their time. The #1 reason many people are not successful with their health needs is: They don’t want to! The # 3 reason is a tie between lack of knowledge or understanding or some type of sabotage. Many a husband, wife, friend, co-worker or their past experiences cause interference.  I see this quite often.  I see people really trying, but are tripped up by misguided knowledge from books or the media.

Some guidelines for healthy eating:

1. Plan your meals according to what your day or weekly schedule.

2. Inventory your pantry and refrigerator.

3. Review grocery store flyer and cut coupons

4. Write a grocery list according to the aisles you walk.

5. Try “theme” nights – Monday is Mexican, Tuesday is Italian (See tomorrow).

6. Post your menus.

7. Have an emergency meal ready at all times.

*** By posting menus, everyone knows the dinner menu and their taste buds get ready. It also cuts down on complaining because there are no choices. The sign tells everyone that this is the dinner that will be served tonight.

*** An emergency plan is a quick and easy frozen meal that can be cooked in minutes. Keep at least 2 emergency meals in your freezer at all times.

Tip or quote of the day:

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Take action today:

• Plan at least 3 days of meals.

• Post your dinner meal daily.

• Stock your freezer with 2 emergency meals.

One of my emergency meals is: MorningStar Farm Corn Dog, Bushes blackeyed peas with snap green beans (canned), Salad and Mandarin Oranges (canned). I can get home at 7:00 pm and sitting down to dinner by 7:10 with these types of  meals. I also like CedarLane Eggplant Parmesan or Amy’s Spinach Lasagna(240 -250 kcal), 2 toasted triangles, with frozen vegetables and a dish grapes.


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