Theme Meals

Today is Friday, January 24th

The Topic or Question of the day is:

What are Theme Meals?

For easy weekly planning or for those on a budget, I recommend Theme Meals.  When you or your family knows, that every Tuesday they will be eating something Italian, taste buds will get ready for it and there will be less complaints. 

Example of Theme Meals: 

 Mondays:  Mexican Food

Tuesdays:  Italian Food

Wednesdays:  Asian Food

Thursdays:  Crock Pot

Fridays:  Pizza

Saturdays: Fish

Sundays:  Middle Eastern Food

 For busy families that eat out often, I suggest my ¼ – ¾ rule to save on excess calories by ordering “meal deals”.  This means that ¼ of your meal can be purchased from outside the home or pre-made frozen and other ¾ must be made at home.  It helps us eat a little healthier!

Examples of ¼-3/4 meals:


Mexican:  Purchase tacos from a restaurant.  At home, heat up fat-free refried beans, make jalapeno cole slaw with plain yogurt and jalapeno juice, and open a can of chilled mandarin oranges.

Italian:  Purchase frozen lasagna to cook, make a green salad, toast strips, & canned fruit.

Asian:  Purchase one qt. of Asian food with rice at a restaurant per 3 persons.  Make a salad, and serve with fruit.

Crock Pot:  Purchase a pre-mix entrée bag and place in your crock- pot with fresh carrots.  Serve with toasted triangles and fruit cocktail.

Pizza:  Purchase a thin crust Pizza, enough for 1-2 pieces per person.  Make a salad and serve with frozen chocolate-banana ice cream (see recipe on previous blog)

Fish:  Purchase fish planks from Long John Silvers.  At home make steam fresh vegetables, with a bowl of frozen fruit.

Middle Eastern:  Heat up Lentil Soup and warm pita bread.  Buy hummus and chop red peppers, carrot strips, and pickles to wrap in pita with hummus.  Serve with fruit.

Quote of the Day:

“Life’s greatest Blessings are found when gathered around the Family Table.”

Take Action Today:

  • Try 1 or 2 of the ¼ – ¾ meals.
  • Try writing theme meals.
  • Eat a little healthier.




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