Pernicious Cake, Cookies, and Pastries

Today is Monday, January 27th

The topic or question of the day:

Cake is Pernicious?

     I am not against cake, cookies or pastries, however, I believe we are “celebrating” too much and eating “cake” more than we ought.  When I was a child, cookies with frosting were only eaten at Christmas and they were a big deal.  Today, every local grocery store has some kind of frosted “cookie monster” display waiting to attack your senses when you walk in the store.  The frosting and sprinkles changes color with each holiday.  Soon they will be pink, red and white for Valentine’s Day, along with all the chocolate goodies to tempt us.  

     These Pernicious delicacies are full of enriched flours, saturated fat, and food coloring, nothing our bodies need for improving our health.  Almost every gathering, group meeting, workplace or party you will find them served, adding 200-300 empty calories to our day.  Adding additional, empty calories daily causes unwanted weight gain.  People are gaining ~10 lbs. per year, 100 lbs. a decade, very scary.  Trimming extra, empty calories such as pastries, cakes and cookies can make a huge difference when battling weight.

     I have made a rule to myself not to eat any cookie or pastry that is not homemade, or worth the calories.  I often practice “The first three bite tastes the best, give away the rest” rule.  Sarah Josepha Buell Hale says the following about “cakes” back in 1830, and we should heed her words today.

     “Many a women loses their health to eating too much cake.  Cake is to be partaken of as a luxury, not eaten several times in a week at an evening party.”

     “Cakes are pernicious delicacies and dyspeptic complaints are frequently aggravated, if not originated, by the absurd fashion of making our evening circles places for eating and drinking rather than social and mental enjoyment.  They manage these things better in Paris.”

Tip or quote of the day:

“Think of “cakes” as a very rare treat, the next time they tempt you to eat.

Say to yourself  ‘I will not eat you today,’ I choose to be healthy, and go on your way.” – Suzanne

Take action today:

  • Make some rules for yourself in regards to cakes, pastries and cookies.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this worth the calories?”



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