Get Up and Make Your Bed

Today is Friday, January 31st (Happy Birthday Ginny)

The question of the day is:

Do you make your bed daily?

     Why is this question important?  First of all, it starts your day out with an accomplishment.  Secondly, it screams organization from the start of your day.  Persons that do not make their bed are usually living a whirlwind kind of life.  Organization is extremely helpful when trying to shed some pounds or eat intelligently.  Planning meals, packing lunch, and having a plan prevent last minute decisions and emotional upheavals. It is also nice to climb into a made bed after a long hard day of work.

     For me, it also signifies a new day.  When Jesus healed, he often said, “Get up and make your bed.”  By making my bed daily, it signifies a new chance, a new day, with new mercies.  I get another opportunity to make healthier decisions today because of God’s grace.  He allowed me to wake up and begin another day.   Beside the made bed, I can kneel and pray, giving thanks and asking for help in whatever struggles that may arise this day. 

     We endeavor daily to eat intelligently, feed our families, control our calories, balance our blood sugar and control our blood pressure.  It can be disheartening.  I encourage you to keep trying and begin each day praying for help and making your bed. 

Tip or quote of the day:

“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.” (Letter to A.F. Oeser, Nov. 9, 1768)”― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Take Action today:

Make your bed!





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