Gut Goodness

Today is Thursday, February 20th

The Topic or question of the day is:

Suzanne’s Rule of 20 for Gut Goodness


Practice Gut Goodness

Be Good To Your Gut is a good reference book written by dietitian, Pat Baird for a variety of gastrointestinal problems along with solutions.  Her simple guidelines throughout the book are just that… simple.  We all know these guidelines improve our gut health, yet many of us fail to practice what we know to be true.   I often fail myself, and gulp down food or eat too much.  The following statements are well known and work.  I find people remember better with a rhyme or rules like my rule of 20.

1.    Keep a food diary. 

I have written this in previous blogs.  It is very important to keep track of foods eaten, whether they are raw or cooked, times of the day eaten, and feelings of positive or negative before and after ingestion.  You will find a pattern of what works well with your constitution and what sickens it.

2.    Eat Slowly and Chew Food Thoroughly. 

We all know this, yet do we actually practice it?  Why don’t we?

3.    Avoid Overeating! 

Why do we continue to eat until we are stuffed?  I encourage you to practice “enough-ness” (previous blog).  Reduce portions!  Remember what Sara Hale says:  “Food that does not digest cannot nourish our bodies, but only harms them”.

4.    Limit drinks, especially carbonated drinks with meals.

5.    Avoid swallowing air. 

       Always sip drinks, never gulp and do not use straws.  Avoid smoking and chewing gum.

Tip or quote of the day:

Watch your intake of popcorn.  The husks on the popped corn can get stuck in your gums and embed in the walls of your intestine causing diverticulosis.  Once embedded, infection can set in leading to diverticulitis or gum disease.

Take Action Today:

      Practice Suzanne’s Rule of 20

  • Eat 20% less of your food
  • Take at least 20 minutes to eat
  • Chew food 20 x before swallowing
  • Begin a 20 day food diary searching for foods that cause problems with your constitution and eliminate.

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