Food Illusions

Today is Friday, February 21st

The topic of the day is:

Food Illusions

      We eat with our eyes says Brian Wansink author of Mindless Eating.  I know my husband likes it when the amount of food on his plate appears like a hearty portion.  A little secret to make his meat portion voluptuous is by cooking or grilling it first, followed by a deep freeze.  When I am ready to cook dinner, I slightly thaw the chicken breast, and then shave it with a sharp knife.  The chicken shavings pile up into a rather large mound.  It can then be warmed in a bit of water and served with a a tasty sauce. 

     Whole grain bread is eye appealing when it is broiled with butter or olive oil, seasonings and sprinkled with a bit of Parmesan cheese and then cut into triangles, squares, or strips.  I can give 3 triangles or squares to my husband and save one for me, or 2 strips for me and 4 for my husband.  A great way to cut calories, and enjoy seasoned bread toasted.  It gives dinner a nice crunch.

Tip or quote of the day:

Tasty Sauce:  ½ cup orange marmalade mixed with 2 T rice wine vinegar and ½ tsp. fresh or dried tarragon.  Warm and pour over warmed chicken shavings and serve with a vegetable, salad and whole grain toast.

*May use sugar-free marmalade for diabetes.

Other sauces:  Buffalo wing sauce, teriyaki, BBQ,

Take Action Today:

Be a food illusionist.  Try my little trick along with the recipe above.



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