Re-set Button

Today is Monday, February 24th (Happy Birthday Brian)

The topic for today is:

Resetting your food intake

     I had what my friend and I call, a “free fall” weekend.  I tried to be careful, but was not very successful and feel quite fluffy this morning.  When these type of weekends happen, and they will from time to time, a conscious and major food cutback is required.  It is time to re-set your buttons.

The strategy consists of the following:

  • NO added sugar today
  • Drink water, coffee and/or unsweetend tea only today
  • Eat basically protein for breakfast (nuts, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese chunks, plain Greek yogurt, or soy)
  • Soup and Salad for lunch (amount depends on your need: male or female, and height)
  • NO SNACKING (unless diabetic and blood sugar is low.  Test, test, test)
  • TV Dinner, extra vegetables with butter and glass of milk for dinner
  • Go to bed hungry (if you can’t sleep, try some bites of cottage cheese or a small glass of milk)

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure and taking medicines you must monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure throughout the day and treat accordingly.  Heavy exercise is not recommended when streamlining your calorie intake, but walking is just fine.  Test, test, and test to avoid problems.

Tip of the day:

If you eat a larger than normal meal later in the evenings, suspend your breakfast intake the next morning by 2-3 hours.

(Again, if your have diabetes, check that blood sugar more often)

Take Action Today:

If you had a “free fall weekend” try following this meal plan today and then carry on with your intelligent eating.



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