Food Riddles

Round and round and round we go

Seeing all the things that grow

Some on top and some below

Which is which?  Do you know?


Growing deep beneath the soil

To eat me requires toil

Brown and round, not like a tree

I have eyes but cannot see.

What am I?


I grow on a vine with very large leaves

I’m always used on All Hallows Eve.

Thanksgiving Day does not go by

Without me inside a pie

What am I?


Try to tell me who I am

You can’t find me in a can,

Sometime white and sometimes brown

Grown in a cane and finely ground

What am I?


Round and yellow growing deep

When I’m used, I make you weep

But flavoring’s what I do best

So hurry put me to the test!

What am I?


Think of elephants, big and gray

Think of the circus where clowns play

Think of shells not from the sea

Think of butter, you’ll find me!

What am I?


Springtime finds me in a tree

Then the weather sets me free

Put in a vat and boiled down

Then on a pancake flat and brown

What am I?


Most people think I’m a vegetable

But I am really not

I’m red and firm and edible

And sometimes I am hot.

What am I?


I eat iron from the ground

I grow long but never round

My vitamins will give you spark

So you can see things in the dark

What am I?


Red things growing, planted deep

Weeks and weeks I stay asleep

My tops are good, but if you wait

When you cook me, I’ll taste great!

What am I?


How did you like our rhyming game?

How many foods did you name?

Some were easy, some were tough

All were fun and that’s enough!


Suzanne Forsberg

Joanne D’Apolito



Answers: Potato, pumpkin, sugar, onion, peanut butter, maple syrup, tomato, carrots, beets.

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