Mega Protein

Today is Wednesday, March 5th

The question of the day is:

How much protein is too much?

There is no upper limit set for protein intake by the dietary reference intake standards, however, I believe we need to use our God given eyes, ears and brains once again.  Any food in abundance can be harmful (see previous blogs).  Many people forget, that any excess calories that are not utilized in the body will be stored as glycogen or body fat.  A big mistake I often see are with women trying to lose weight is when they drink a protein shake or chocolate milk after a “workout,” and the”workout” is usually less than 1.5 hours, thus not requiring excess protein or calories.  Why?  Because usually they are just running or on an elliptical machine or something similar and did not ‘exhaust’ their bodies.  Most burn at least 200-400 calories working out (depending on their weight and intensity) which is great, but then they put calories right back into their bodies with the drinks.  I also find many of the gadgets over-estimate calories burned so be careful.  If you are working out, using protein supplements, and not losing a good amount of weight, you may want to consider dumping the supplement.

Protein metabolism yields nitrogen and nitrogen is not stored in the body, and is excreted through our kidneys.  For those with compromised kidneys, high levels of nitrogen are not good and protein intake should be moderated.  Even though my kidneys are not compromised, why would I want to stress them out daily by overeating protein?

I have said before, we are all as different as our fingerprints so no one way of eating is best for everyone.  Some people’s bodies metabolize fats and proteins better than carbohydrates (diabetes) and some people are what I call ‘carbo burners’.  What makes this especially difficult is when one person in the family burns carbohydrates well and the other burns proteins and fats better.

Quote of the day:

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise, will sooner or later find time for illness.” – Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby (1826-1893), The Conduct of Life address at Liverpool College December 20, 1873.

Take Action Today:

Use your eyes and brains today. Watch how much protein you are eating, how much fat along with that protein and if you think it is enough or too much.  How did you feel 1-2 hours later?  Does exercise make you feel better? Get that journal out we discussed at the 1st post of this blog, and practice intelligent eating and add some exercise.

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