Yolanda’s Yak?

Today is Thursday, March 6th

The question or topic of the day:

Could your protein powder come from Yolanda’s Yak in Dr. Seuss’s Alphabet Book?

I recently read several articles about the different proteins used in supplement drinks and powders that were not so good and rather disgusting.  Since protein supplements have become popular in the United States, we are having to import much of it due to supply and demand.  Many of these products are not closely monitored by the FDA because they enter the United States as supplements, and supplements do not have the same standards for adherence compared to food products.  Because the demand is high for these proteins and everyone wants it cheap, the industries overseas are allegedly using milk from animals such as yaks and camels to produce this powder and importing it to the United States.  Some may be derived from diseased animals said another article.  I realize, this may or may not be true, but my common sense tells me something is weird and “fishy” when it comes to such products because they are found in so many food supplements today.  I personally don’t like the fact that when I spill a protein powder drink on my pants it takes a sharp knife and a lot of effort to scrape the dried piece of gunk off my clothes.  I ask myself, what is this chalky, cement-like product I would be putting into my body?  So my decision is to pass up protein powders from milk.

Tip of the day:

If you want to add extra protein to your diet, try a plant based protein such as rice or pea protein and try to buy it plain, without all the extras.

Take Action Today:

Think about what might be sound information and what might be hype.  Not everything we read is true.  Common sense, using our eyes, ears and brains can often help us out the most.  Think and eat intelligently!


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