Wisdom of Sara (Part 2)

Today is Monday April 14th

The topic or question of the day is:

Sara’s “Rules” for Meat Eaters

In chapter 3 called Meats, Sara calls meat “this costly article of diet” and she doesn’t mean financial. Her quote goes like this. “To secure the greatest amount of benefit from this *costly (the cost of life) article of diet, which God has appointed for the sustenance, in part, of his rational creatures, three conditions seem indispensable”.

Her rules are as follows:

  1. Meat must be prepared in the proper way
  2. Meat must be taken at the proper time
  3. Meat must be taken in the proper quantities

‘Preparing meat properly’ according to Sara, the meat is to be cooked until it is entirely separated from the blood, and the fibers are rendered soft and easy of digestion. I would add the importance once again for chewing your food well. I often watch people eat and see that they eat much like our dogs. They just swallow the hunk of meat after chewing once or twice and then wonder why they have indigestion later.

Sara believes there are ‘Proper Times’ for meat intake.  “It is never to be given to the sick or when any symptoms of excited action in the system such as fever are apparent.”   She also says meat should not be eaten in a full portion unless a person enters on the real labors of life, study, business or work.

As for ‘Proper Quantity,’ Sara writes: “It should never be taken in large portions by the sedentary, the idle, or the delicate; nor by any person immediately before retiring to rest at night.” Remember, our present day idea of a portion is gigantic, compared to portions in 1839.

Tip or Quote of the day:

Sara’s belief on meat is ‘Food for Thought.’   I am not condoning everything she says, but find much of her writings to be true. Many people with specific diseases find it beneficial to eat protein at night (people with diabetes) or have to eat larger portions of meat because of body type or disease state (dialysis patients). This blog is not to tell anyone what they must do or eat to be healthy, it is to help you think things over and decide what works best for you.

Take action today:

* Please chew your meat well

* Watch your portions



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