Herb Gardens

Today is Tuesday April 15th

The topic or question of the day is:

Have you thought about planting an herb garden this year?

Many of you may already tend your own herb garden and would join me in encouraging someone to plant one this year. Growing your own herbs can provide more phytochemical power and less chance of eating pesticides because many herbs have more medicinal properties than many fruits and and vegetables.  Herbs only need a 3 foot by 3 foot area, easy to start and will yield a plethora of goodness. All you need is:

*  Good soil

*  Plenty of sunshine

*  Preferably right outside your kitchen door

*  Herbs do not grow well in window boxes

Planning is important and drawing up your plan first is recommended. For example, Mint will “take over” and it is wise to plant it away from the other herbs. Rosemary can ultimately grow into a bush and shade all your other plants.  The difference between herbs and spices are: Herbs are from leaves and stems of young plants and spices are made from seeds, roots and bark.

Tips of the Day:

*  To dry herbs: hang upside down in a brown paper bag and leave undisturbed for a few weeks until dried.

*  Do not store near a high oven.

*  Store in dark cool place in air-tight bottles (life of 2-3 years).

*  Fresh herbs can be stored in water in the refrigerator or frozen in ice cubes.

Take action today:

*  Think about planting an herb garden this year.

*  Do some research on designing your herb garden.

*  Get to work.


One thought on “Herb Gardens

  1. We put some such as rosemary and thyme in planting pots and bring them indoors for the winter. It’s great having fresh herbs that way. But they’re ready to go out again for the summer.

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