Fruit or Vegetable?

Today is Monday, April 28th

The Question or Topic of the day is:

Did you know fruit and vegetables meant the same thing for awhile?

In the book “On Cooking and Eating” by Harold McGee, he brings us some interesting facts about fruits and vegetables. The Latin “Frui” means to enjoy or delight in, and the word vegetable comes from the Latin verb “vegere,” meaning to animate or enliven.  The word fruit was originally used to mean, any plant used as food which included vegetables too.  It wasn’t until later that “vegetable” was defined and said and decided that such plants should be eaten with a meal.  Fruit was usually eaten as a dessert thus distinguishing fruits from vegetables.  Another funny distinction is that fruits are often used in language in a positive manner, more so than vegetables.  “Apple of my eye”, “Peachy or peach of a …”, “Life is a bowl of cherries”, and “Going bananas” to name a few.

Everyone, knows vegetables are good for you these days, but fruit is without a doubt. sweet and tasty.  Because of this difference and our knowledge of the consequences of eating too much “honey” or sweets, fruits should probably be limited.  We can definitely eat too much fruit.

Quote of the Day:

“if you found honey (or something good), eat only enough for you lest you have your fill of it and vomit” – Proverbs 25:16

Take Action Today:

Try eating vegetables with meals and eat your fruit in limited amounts for dessert.


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