Liquid Training

Today is Wednesday, April 30th

The Topic or Question of the day:

Are we learning bad fluid habits?

Behaviors that are learned often become habits like brushing your teeth before bedtime.  I believe we are teaching the younger generation and retraining ourselves to a habit of drinking too many liquids.  For those of you 50 and older…think back on your childhood.  Did you carry a water bottle everywhere you went?  Did you see people on the street or in stores carrying drink cups?  Did you see baby car seats with drink cup holders?  Did you only drink water from the fountain at your school? Did you get a huge glass of Kool-aid after school or were you ever allowed more than one small glass of anything?  The amount of drinking has become ridiculous and can often be a huge source of empty calories.

I remember drinking from the hose when I was thirsty and playing outside as a kid.  In high school, milk in a small carton at lunch, possibly a sip or two of water from the water fountain when changing classes and then going to track, gymnastics or diving practice after school whatever the season without ANYTHING to drink.  My performance was not affected and I had plenty of energy.  Now to be fair, football, soccer, baseball, tennis or other outdoor sports in the heat/sun do require liquid hydration, but my point being, we are training ourselves to “need” a beverage.  We are constantly filled with liquids, stretching our tummies so when they are empty, we turn to food or more drink because we are so used to feeling full.  Just a thought.  I can’t prove it, but just common sense and watching people lately makes me wonder.

Quote or Tip of the Day:

Most people (not all) need approximately 1 ml of fluid per calorie for proper hydration.  If I eat 1500 calories per day, I will need 6 cups or 48 oz. of fluid per day.  If I work out hard and sweat a lot, of course I would need more.  If your urine is clear or pale yellow when you go to bed, most likely you are hydrated.

Take Action Today:

People watch this week.  See how many people are drinking beverages everywhere you go.


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