Sweaty Days and Sundays

Today is Wednesday, May 7th

The topic or question of the day:

Sweaty days and Sundays

In the heat of summer, appetites can wane.   Heavy high fat meals full of meat or creamy hot soups are not what most people seek after. Cold salads, protein shakes, fresh fruit, crisp vegetables and gazpacho are all popular during summer scortches. A good summer plan is to wake up to a protein shake.  At mid–morning munch on some cold, crisp, summer vegetables with an herbed Greek yogurt dip, followed by a chilled summer salad at the noon hour. Examples may include a chicken or tuna salad, egg salad, lentil salad, pea salad or some type of bean salad over lettuce and a few hearty crackers. Fresh fruit would make a nice after noon snack with lemon basil infused water. Dinner might be left-over grilled chicken out of the icebox with BBQ sauce, with a cold orzo and vegetable salad made mostly of vegetables.  Our bodies don’t like to have to digest a lot of food when we are hot.

Sundays can often throw people off their schedule. Most people fail here because free food such as donuts are offered at their church, or they only eat one big meal on this day.  Remember that food that does not digest (because it is too big of load), cannot nourish us, but rather harms us!  If a person goes out to eat every Sunday for a large meal (more calories than they require), and find they cannot lose weight, the culprit may be that Sunday meal.  Try walking away from the free food, and planning what you will order at your Sunday dinner.  A good idea would be a nice “Creation Walk” enjoying God’s handiwork about 40 minutes after you eat to help move “food” into your cells.  Remember food breaks down into glucose, fatty acids and amino acids.

Tip of the Day

If you choose to take a donut, remember the 1st three bites taste the best, give away the rest!

Take Action Today

* Decide today what your will eat Sunday and what schedule you might plan.

* Decide today to take a walk Sunday after your meal




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