A Little Help from my Friends

Today is Tuesday, May 13th

The topic or question of the day is:

A Little Help from my Friends

The Beatle’s song contains the statement, “I get by with a little help from my friends” that rings true when your friend is an encouragement or a “Barnabas.” One of my special “Barnabas” friends (which means encourager) is named Judy. Almost every day she leaves me a bit of encouragement on my email, Facebook or in a phone call. She takes time to pick out special cards to send in many different situations that encourage me.   My friend is full of joy and her smile radiates a room. We always pray for each other that we will have “a skip in our step” until our LORD takes us home. We are constantly buying different healthy foods we find for each other to help us keep that skip! Walking alongside one another helps keep us on track. I encourage you to stick close to that “Barnabas” friends of yours and be a Barnabas for them. Your health both spiritually and physically will improve.

Quote or Tip of the Day

“A friend’s a friend forever. If the LORD’s the LORD of them” – Michael J. Smith

Take Action Today:

  • Write a list of the Barnabas’s in your life
  • Write a list of how you can be a Barnabas for someone
















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