Feeding the Fluff

Feeding the Fluff





Today is Friday, May 16th   (Happy Anniversary to my husband, Ron!)

The topic or question of the day:

Are you feeding yourself fluff?

     When my daughter and I have ‘one of those days’… we will text each other and say, “I feel fluffy today”. After talking a little about it, we decided both of us ate too many “fluffy” type carbs that day. We did not heed what we know and did not eat those foods that mak us feel better. We were not thinking intelligently.

     Fluffy carbs are those carbs that contain practically zero nutrition. A person can eat calories, but not receive any good nutrients. A few “empties” here and there are not so bad, but a day full of fluffy carbs can really drag you down. Examples of fluffy carbs that are often found in offices or homes are: donuts, bagels, cereal, refined crackers, Doritos, pop, flavored coffee creamers, chocolate kisses, flour tortillas, cookies, and birthday cake. When you have one of those days, the very next day you ought to plan your day and stick with it.   Commit to a day full of nutritious foods, avoiding all those you ate when you felt fluffy.

Tip or quote of the day:

Stay away from an abundance of fluffy carbs!

Take Action Today:

I’ll say it again. Plan, plan, plan.

Have protein foods available at all times such as:

  • hard boiled or devilled eggs
  • nuts (any kind)
  • mini cottage cheese
  • plain Greek yogurt
  • beef jerky
  • mini container of tuna or chicken salad
  • hummus and carrots





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