Summer Fruits

Today is Thursday, May 22nd

The topic or question of the day:

How much is too much fruit?

Fruit is often seen as a “diet” food due to the fact that most fruits are low calorie, low fat, contain very little sodium and have a plethora of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phyto-chemicals.  The problem I ran into this week started at Sam’s.  I bought way too many blueberries and raspberries, along with rotund watermelon and a largo bunch of bananas.

When the raspberries started growing mold (as raspberries do, nothing against Sam’s), and the bananas became soft and sporting brown age spots, I began eating large portions of the fruit daily before it spoiled.  We all know that a low calorie portion of food can turn into a high calorie load when large amounts are eaten.  You may ask why I did not freeze them?  I actually did freeze a huge carton of blueberries and some bananas, but ended up eating way more more calories than i normally would eat in a week because fresh fruit is so good.  A note was written to “self”.  Be careful not to shop with your eyes and be sensible.

Quote or tip of the day:

“Don’t be hasty when fruit looks tasty or it will end up on your waisty”

Take Action Today:

Do not buy large amounts and several kinds of fruit that will spoil at the same time.  Plan wisely.


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