Food and Friends

Today is Tuesday, June 3rd

Meet my friend today:

Friend # 2 “What I learned from Tommy Boy Nencheck”

Tommy can bake delicious cakes and has taught me cakes can make a difference in a life.

Lesson: Making a cake and taking it to someone builds friendships.

Tommy, is our strong man both physically and spiritually. Two of my fondest memories of Tommy that affected my life are his ability to be productive and his brain. He works amazingly fast with precision. He does not waste time, something I have tried to mimic in my own life. Tommy and I would sit outside on the porch swing reading the Bible and he would ask the most profound questions. I believe his keen sense of discernment was given to him as reward for his seeking. He helped me understand and experience that it is okay to sit silently with a friend and not have to talk. Just enjoy the sounds of nature. Our chickens and guineas loved Tommy and all he had to do is walk and tap this green scoop and they would all follow. I will always have that picture of Tommy in my head that reminds me to take care of every part of creation.

Quote or tip of the day:

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work”   – Stephen King

Take Action Today:

  • Bake a cake and surprise someone.
  • Take care of God’s creation.
  • Take time to sit outside in silence and listen to nature.
  • Work hard



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