Food and Friends

Today is Friday, June 6th

Meet my friend today:

Friend # 5 “What I learned from Ladonna Maxwell”

Ladonna had a taste for fine foods. She loved a unique foods and fresh vegetables!

Lesson: Spring for the good stuff now and then. Enjoy food!

Ladonna Maxwell, my first Tulsa friend has gone to live with Jesus and I miss her greatly. She was one of those friends you could trust and let it all out. She was positive and helped me through some dark times. She was not judgmental and was honest. Her advice was spot on. The most important thing I learned from “Ladoonie” was to never give up, find good in everything, chuckle at my mistakes and to be patient with my kids. Dining together was always a pleasure as she appreciated good food.

Quote or tip of the Day:

“Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change”

– John Walters

Take Action Today:

  • Take time to dine this week.
  • Try something new and delicious.
  • Don’t wait until your friend is gone before you tell them how much they mean to you.



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