Food and Friends

Today is Saturday, June 7th

Meet my friend today:

 Friend # 6 “What I learned from James Faluotico

James believes that when you are constipated, to keep eating and it will eventually come out!

Lesson: Be patient and don’t rush to use cathartics.

James Faluotico is our family friend and loves to eat all kinds of food. We actually heard him before we met him as he cheered on our daughters during basketball season. Whenever any player would make a mistake, he would shout something positive. We decided to go and sit with this strange type of person on top of the bleachers to get away from all the critics pointing out our daughters’ faults. James taught us to give joy, and not to steal anyone’s joy. He taught me to speak to strangers, look for ways to help people and seek out interesting little family run restaurants for good food.

Tip or Quote of the Day:

James would say, “When your waiter/waitress provides “terrible” service, leave a big tip anyway. He or she may be having a bad day and it will cheer them up and they may be nicer to the next customer.”

Take Action Today:

  • Be positive
  • Don’t steal anyone’s joy
  • Leave an unusually big tip for a “Crabby Abby”.
  • Search for interesting family run restaurants.



One thought on “Food and Friends

  1. I think James is wonderful. He has wisdom from above – straight from the heart of our Heavenly Father. Thanks for sharing James’s wisdom.

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