Food and Friends

Today is Monday, June 9th

Meet my friend today:

Friend # 7 “What I learned from Jules”

Julie is one strong lady and has a heart of gold. Always willing to lend a hand or go for a walk.

Lesson: Walk when you can, particularly with a friend.

I met Julie in a concession stand while volunteering for our daughters basketball team. Together we served some interesting concessions such as the Walking Taco and Suzanne’s Peanut Butter Power Balls. We made a lot of money for the team! Julie has taught me there is a time for everything, and her advice is always timely. We also learned to walk as often as possible and that anyone can lose weight if they walk twice a day (we most certainly lost the pounds). Jules moved to Arizona and whenever I get out there, we go for a walk and talk. I was just visiting Phoenix last weekend and we met up for a hike!

Tip or quote of the Day:

“You’ll do well to get others to walk with you, and help you find and keep perspective.  We are not made to do this life alone”                         – David Powlison

The Walking Taco

Make taco meat and place in a huge crock pot or electric roasting pan.

Buy cases of cheese Doritos in single servings.

Chop lettuce

Buy large sour cream containers and giant salsa jars.

  1. Crush Doritos in the bag and turn on its side. Cut open with scissors.
  2. Add hot meat on top of the crushed Doritos and add lettuce.
  3. Top with sour cream and salsa and put a fork in it.
  4. They walk away eating the taco out of the bag and then throw it away.

Take Action Today:

  1. Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
  2. Ask a friend to go on a walk and talk
  3. Try a Walking Taco



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