Food and Friends

 Today is Thursday, June 12th

Meet my friend today:

 “What I learned from Peggy”

Peggy Parks: Believes it is important to take the time to create attractive food that tastes delicious.

Lesson: Special touches make food extraordinary.

PP or Peggy and I were placed in the lives of one another at a Cursillo retreat. I had come bringing 3 young girls to serenade retreat participants, We immediately became friends, immediately in the way Mark writes about in his Gospel. Even though our friendship was immediate, PP taught me to take time to make things look beautiful. She showed me time and time again how a few little touches of color, fresh flowers, pretty plates or “butter spritzes” will make something good into something great. She also taught me to slow down and to wait on The LORD.

Tip or quote of the day:

“Taste and see the LORD is good” – Psalms 34:8

Take Action Today:

* Make something beautiful today

* Slow down

* Read Psalm 34




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