Food and Friends

Today is Monday, June 16th

Meet my friend today:

“What I learned from Barbara of Tulsa”

Barbara collects magazine clips, articles, sayings, books or anything that may help someone with whatever problem they may be tackling.

Lesson: Be thoughtful of one another’s needs.

Barbara is also the model of cleanliness. She is very careful at what she eats and drinks and always carries the anti-bacterial tube with her everywhere she goes. Hand-washing is a “no brainer” (she is a good nurse) and I can say, I have never seen her really sick in the 15 years I have known her. She has taught me to care for others as I have watched her tirelessly care for her friends in an angelic manner. She makes a point to stay in touch with each and everyone of her friends.

Tip or quote of the Day:

“Never tire of doing good to others” – 2 Thessalonians 3:13 paraphrased

Take Action Today:

  • Buy some anti-bacterial for your car and/or your purse.
  • Care for someone in need, even if you are tired.

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