Food and Friends

Today is Tuesday, June 17th

            What I learned from Cher Keffer

Cher: Order is the name of her game.

Lesson: Cook and divide food into proper portions and label in your freezer.

Cher enjoys Vidalia onions year round and is gracious enough to share her treasures with us. She lovingly chops up Vidalia after Vidalia and freezes in perfect portion baggies for the freezer to enjoy throughout the year. Cher always knows the weather, the latest news and keeps me informed and updated. Cher loves to give “sussys”.  Sussys are surprise gifts for no reason. She has also taught me to be more organized and encouraged me to divide food, freeze and save money.

Tip or quote of the day:

“It is better to give than to receive”

Take Action Today:

* Buy Vidalia onions while you can. Chop, divide and freeze.

* Surprise someone with a sussy!


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