Food and Friends

Today is June 24th

What I have learned from Erin

Erin: Watching Erin and her friends eat at her birthday party was surprising.

Lesson: Youth is advantageous when it comes to intake of food. Not so much after 50!

Erin is my youngest friend. She and her friends came to celebrate her 18th birthday and spent 2 days at our place in Claremore. They were such a delight; beautiful inside and out, appreciative and trustworthy. With youngsters of this quality, hope for the future is looking good. Whoever hires Erin in the future will have a gem!

I had forgotten how much food youth can eat, but at the same time, they took hikes, painted wood and went fishing. They stayed active.

Tip or quote of the day:

When you are young and active, you can eat many calories. After 40 or 50, most human bodies do not require as many calories. People must decrease their food intake practicing portion control.

Take Action Today:

  • Watch your portions if you are gaining weight
  • Move more



One thought on “Food and Friends

  1. Thanks, S, for your very kind words.. they were fun to watch….

    As Erin’s mom, I can attest to the truth of these observations…. these young girls have very efficient metabolisms, now….. Especially the ones who are involved in sports, including dancing. Come fall & college, adjustments may need to be made…I can tell you this though, my daughter made a very solemn declaration when she was only 5 yrs old and learning about nutrition at her beloved dance studio, “I will never be fat.”…. And I believe her, she has a very strong sense of discipline where her body is concerned. Most dancers do…..

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