Food and Friends Finale


Today is Monday, June 30th

What I have learned from Ron

Ron is the most patient person I have ever met.

Lesson: Patience can be learned.

Ron is my husband and best friend for 34 years. I have his name written in my Bible by a verse that says, “a man that walks upright”. He has put up with me and taught me that there is no need to shout, to tell the truth and to tough it out (He is a Retired Marine Colonel). His motto that has helped me in my life is to “cooperate and graduate”.

Ron is also a fabulous cook, much better than myself.  He is helpful in the kitchen, loves to grocery shop and plan holiday menus, but hates to clean up (who doesn’t).  In the end, the mess is worth it because his food is finger licking good!.  Our kids have followed in his footsteps and on holidays, our kitchen becomes like the set from a cooking challenge television show.

Tip or quote of the day

The Friend of Friends by Horace G Halse

Of all the many blessings that our gracious Father sends,

I thank Him most of all today for loyal-hearted friends:

Friends who know about my faults and keep on loving still,

Friends whose friendship changes not with happy days or ill,

Friends to whom my inmost secrets safely I confide,

Friends who make me happy just to have them by my side.

Yes! Of all the many blessings that our gracious Father sends,

I thank him most of all today for loyal-hearted friends.


I like my friends to meet each other –those for whom I care;

I feel their friendship’s worth so much I want the rest to share;

Friendship’s like the miracle of loaves in Galilee,

Though shared by many others, there’s nonetheless for me.

And since I’ve though of you, dear friend, in friendship’s closest tie,

I’ve longed to introduce you to a friend, for he and I

Spend many hours together in a happy, solemn tryst.

You many already know Him! My best friend, Jesus Christ!


 This ends the month of June of Food and Friends.

Stay tuned for what’s new in July.





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