The Healthy Family

Today is Monday, July 7th, a new day, a new week, a new month!

What Has Gone Wrong?

My next topic will be mainly for families with young children who are struggling with busyness, meal preparation, maintaining a healthy relationship with food and lack of discipline. These go together and are out of whack in our current culture for many people. I have seen countless families in this situation over the years and one or two counseling sessions are not enough for change. Those of you reading this blog may not be struggling with this, but you may know someone who is and you may consider learning along and helping them.
I have long been burdened in my heart for young families; their poor diet due to busyness and lack of discipline. I have planned several events, classes, and wrote a small book called The Gritty Truth that families complete together to help grow closer with God and form a good relationship with food and believe now is the time to encourage a total change and new way of living. The title of my thesis was:
How Then Shall We Eat? My thesis statement: The Bible Contains the ‘Necessary’ Principles for Counseling People on Eating, Drinking and Enjoying Life.
The Bible is the meeting of man’s problem with God’s solutions and an acronym is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The Spirit of the Lord works on men’s consciences and is mighty. It can pull down strong holds (addictions) so the power is in God, not man. Even if you are not a believer, one has to admit, following Jesus’ example and teachings are good.
Many children and adults these days are addicted to pleasure. Sugar is pleasure. Fat is pleasurable. They hit the hedonic hotspot in your brain and say: “YUM!, I want more”. When does more become a problem? Is it ever too late? Is there a point of no return? Do we give up? NO! All things are possible with God. Commit today to the high and noble calling of holiness, self-denial and a new life! We know what we need to do, we just don’t want to because we think it is too hard. It is hard, but worth the effort. Ephesians 4:22-23 (paraphrased) says, Put off the old man, be renewed and put on the new man.”

Come join me. Pray for guidance and help as we journey through a new way of eating, drinking and enjoying life.
Yours in wholeness and health. Peace be within you!



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