Diligently Learn

I am not sure who actually paraphrased the following statements and I try my best to remember who I was reading at the time, and jot down the author, but sometimes I just forget. Please forgive me if I have given someone else credit, but I do believe, most of these are from God’s Word. The first one I know comes from the Bible and is found in many different chapters, all saying the same thing.

“God is long suffering and will restore if people will diligently learn.”
Diligence and patience is of upmost importance when people are trying to make changes in a life of bad habits. God is our rescue and our strength. He never sleeps, so draw upon His strength for help.

“Learning takes place when behavior changes.”
In other words, we can read all we want, but if we never put what we learn into action, we never change. I am exhorting all of us to start making behavior changes, even when we don’t feel like it. Be diligent, pray for God to come along side of you, or to bring a friend to you to lift you up. Learn the different between feelings and facts.

“Life changes when the mind changes” “The mind is the control tower of your life”. “What you think/believe is what you will do.”
Most of these are proverbs. I often hear people quote things, and say to myself, “Hey! That is a proverb from the Bible. They don’t even know it! My pastor says that people go wrong because they don’t know what the Word says. My business is called The Food Thinkery because it is important to think. My pastor brought this into light for me. We must think through everything; asking ourselves questions like: Is this true? Says who? What does the Bible have to say about it? Where did the information come from?

We are going to be learning some new things. Are you ready? It is going to take some time and practice. Remember that food is meant to be pleasurable and also meant for nourishment, to satisfy true hunger.

Tomorrow we will begin with hunger. What is hunger? Have you ever been truly hungry? What did Paul do when he was hungry? What did Esau do when he was really hungry? I close with 2 Timothy 3:4. “Do not be a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God.”


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