True Hunger

True Hunger

Did you know?
* 75% of overeating is caused by emotional states.
* People often consume food to feel better about something.
* There is a difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.
What is physical hunger?
1. It develops gradually
2. It is satisfied with any food eaten
3. You can wait patiently to get it
4. You stop eating when you are full
5. Leaves no guilt
What is emotional hunger?
1. Comes on suddenly
2. Craves a particular food
3. Needs to be “right now”
4. You can’t stop eating
5. Leaves a feeling of guilt
Take Action Today
• Memorize the different types of hunger and decide if you or your children are really hungry or emotionally hungry?
• Try to distract yourself or your children if it is emotional hunger.
• If unable to distract, try giving a very small amount of the food craved in a 3 oz. paper “bathroom” type cup and NO MORE. You can purchase mini plastic forks and spoons or find some small spoons at a Good Will type store. You know, the ones people often buy as a souvenir on vacation. It is found, that over time, eating very small amounts of food you enjoy and crave, the same amount of reward will be obtained from these hyper-palatable sweet, fatty and salty foods.
Once again: The 1st 3 bites taste the best!
This is called Controlled Eating!


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