Preventing Overweight Children


Helpful hints to remember as we get started:

Do not use food as a reward or if your child gets hurt.
Do not tell your child to eat certain foods so they will feel better.
Do not use food as “guilt”.
Do not deny certain foods due to bad behavior.
Do not make the child eat certain foods to get what they want.
Do not coax the child to eat foods he or she does not want.
Do not forbid any foods such as sweets.
Do not significantly restrict the amounts of food the child eats.
Do not overemphasize an ideas beauty or body shape.
Do not criticize your body or your child’s body size or shape.
Do not promote dieting behaviors.

New Beginnings

1. Have you called a family meeting to decide new rules?
2. Have you posted new rules on new organizer board?
3. Have you started to purge the pantry?
4. Always have healthy snacks prepared and portable.
7. Always have emergency meals ready in your freezer.

We will work on emergency meals tomorrow. Be sure to include your children in the meal planning.

Quote of the day:

“This very moment we can change our lives; Sit down and start doing the work”

– Steven Pressfield





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