Emergency Meals


Emergency meal plans are necessary.
Planning is everything.
Emergency meals should take less than 15 minutes to make.

Steps for emergency meal planning

1. Plan 3 emergency meals.
2. Stock your your pantry and/or refrigerator and freezer with ingredients.
3. Write and post emergency meals together to prevent complaining.
4. Try emergency “theme” nights – Mexican, Italian, and Asian
5. Try ¼ to ¾ rule (see below)

Colors, Shapes, and Temperatures: Food Fashion?
Important tips to remember when planning meals.

1. Think color – at least 3 different colors
2. Think shape – at least 3 different shapes. Examples might be: carrot strips mixed with round peas and a triangle of toast on the side.
3. Think temperature: room temperature, hot and cold combined in a meal.
4. Think flavor: salty, sweet, spicy, earthy (herbs).
5. Think texture: Always have a crunch! Chewy & smooth too.
6. Think entrée variety: Fish, chicken, beef, pork, soy, beans, eggs.
Serve a protein source, starch, vegetable, fruit and milk/dairy with every meal

Emergency Theme Nights

Cheese quesadilla, refried beans, salsa, and fruit with yogurt
Meat-sauce, pre-made and frozen (can be easily thawed), angel hair spaghetti (can be cooked in 4 minutes), toasted garlic triangles, green beans, fruit and milk.
Egg and vegetable stir- fried dish with rice, mandarin oranges, milk. Rice can be picked up from a Chinese restaurant, mixed with frozen oriental vegetables in a hot skillet. Add several scrambled eggs and mix together.

¼ – ¾ rule: ¼ of your meal is purchased, the other ¾ whole foods from home.
1-2 small pieces of pizza from a pizzeria, served with sliced cucumbers and ranch dressing pre-made with plain yogurt, 3 pieces of fruit (banana slices, strawberries, watermelon, and a Dixie cup of ice cream
Hamburgers from a burger place, baked beans, fruit and milk.

More Emergency Meal Samples
1. Burrito: Amy’s Frozen burrito with chipotle or salsa dressing, refried beans, chopped lettuce , and canned, fresh or frozen fruit. (5-10 minutes preparation time)

2. Chicken Parmesan: Morning Star Farm Veggie Chicken Patties baked in oven with pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese for 10 minutes. Serve over cooked pasta with low sodium canned green beans, fruit and milk.

3. Shrimp Dish: Shrimp Scampi: Frozen shrimp peeled and deveined stir-fried in butter and garlic powder. Add canned mushrooms. Serve over angel hair pasta with a vegetable of choice, fruit and milk.

Take Action:
1. Will you make the effort this week to plan 3 emergency dinners?
2. Where will you post your dinner menus?
3. Can you find time this week to get organized?

This Week:
Add color, shape, temperature and texture to meals
Write and shop from a grocery list
Plan some 1/4 – 3/4 rule meals

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