Helpful Holiday Eating and Thinking

Don’t forget what you already know!

1.  Stand far away from the food at a party

2.  Do not wear clothes that stretch as you eat

3.  The first 3 bites of anything tastes the best

4.  Go through the buffet line last (food does not look as appetizing)

5.  Use small plates

Practice Good Food Mechanics

1.  Chew your food to “applesauce” consistency

2.  Eat with your less dominant hand

3.  Leave some drop space between you and the table

4.  Put your utensils down often

5.  Swallow your food before taking another bite

“The way to live well and be well while we live” is a great book from the late 1890’s by Sara Josephea Buell Hale.  I have printed some of her comments and warnings below.

  • General Fact: Mankind is eating much more than is required for sustenance.
  • Eating beyond the point of satisfaction is dangerous and indigestion is a wise provision of nature.
  • The power of digestion is in the stomach juices and exercising in the open air, promotes the secretion of gastric juices.
  • When growth is attained and active exercises are in a great deal abandoned-as in the case of females particularly,- then be very careful to regulate the appetite and never take such a quantity of food at a time as to appress and disturb the stomach.
  • Remember that food that does not digest cannot nourish the system, but rather weakens it.
  • Never eat a hearty meal just before retiring.
  • It is injurious to eat when greatly heated or fatigued. Rest for 15-20 minutes before eating.
  • Too much variety of food is dangerous because it tempts to excess.
  • Most people drink too much because they drink too fast. Water, sipped slowly will quench thirst as effectually as a point swallowed at a draught.
  • When too much drink is taken at meals, especially at dinner, it hinders digestion. Better drink little during a meal, and then if thirsty an hour or two afterwards, more.
  • Dispeptic people should be careful to take but a small quantity of drink.
  • The morning meal requires to be lighter and of a more fluid nature than any other. Water sweetened with molasses is healthy.
  • Chocolate, if it agrees with the constitution is very nutritious and healthy, but should seldom be used steadily.
  • Hot beverages injures the teeth and impair digestion.
  • Many a women loses their health to eating too much cake. Cake is to be partaken of as a luxury, not eaten several times in a week at am evening party.

One thought on “Helpful Holiday Eating and Thinking

  1. Great tips! Thanks. I remember seeing most of the top 10. Always good to review & remember.

    We had a great time in Bella Vista. Spent 2 hrs w Jeff & Becky in the coffee shop at the museum yest. They’re doing well & asked about you; said to say hi. Went to their church this a.m. Enjoyed the service. Jeff did the two prayers. Can’t believe Emily. She’s 16 & as tall as Becky – a soph at Bentonville H.S., which is the largest h.s. in the state (4,000 students!!). That’s quite a change from her small Christian school. She’s not driving yet. Becky said she hasn’t pursued it & they haven’t pushed it; she’ll do it when she’s ready.

    See you Wed. B. (Carolyn went to Dallas this weekend to visit her friend, Marsha. Returning today or tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll send out a reminder e-mail. I can’t recall the time for sure, but think it’s 6 at Ti Amo. She did ask Karan Dalgas, too.

    Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 12:55:56 +0000 To:

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