10 lbs. of potatoes

Today is Monday, May 12th (Happy Birthday Ron, Gregg, and Ivan)

The topic or question of the day is:

The 10 lb. sack of potatoes

      One of the known experiential methods to help people want to improve their health is for them to frequent the supermarket and when they step in the door, pick up a 10 pound sack of potatoes and carry the bag throughout the entire grocery store escapade. Ten pounds will become heavy over time! At the end of the shop, the bag is placed back on the rack. It is at that point when people notice how light they feel and what a relief on their bodies. This is what losing 10 lbs. feels like. Hearts will pump better, insulin will work better, the back is relieved and many times blood pressure will improve.

Did you know 10 lbs. of weight carried in your gut places 100 lbs. of pressure on your back?  Losing 10 lbs. in 6 months is not very difficult. It is a matter of trimming those calories. Look at your plate, every time you eat and try to skim 100 calories. I know I have said this before, but we all need reminders.   Watching visible fat intake or the number of almonds eaten is a good start. Leaving a piece of food or sharing your food with others works well too.  Avoid “free” food because we usually eat it when we are not even hungry. Saving 100-200 calories per day adds up to 700-1400 calories a week (0.5-1 lb.) weight loss. Consistency is key!

Practicing “trimming” also leads a sense of empowerment. To be able to walk away from free food, say no to second helpings, cutting a tiny piece of whatever and really enjoy the controlled feeling helps one stay on course.

Quote or tip of the Day:

“Make slow changes in your ordinary life” – Richard Watson

Take Action Today:

  • Try the sack of potatoes experiment next time you are grocery shopping.
  • Practice “trimming” your intake.
  • Remember, the first 3 bites taste the best! Share the rest.