Food and Friends

Today is June 19th

What I learned from Judy

Judy: Judy cooks dinner almost every night.

Lesson: Keep cooking! You will benefit in more ways than one.

Judy has taught me joy, pure joy. She has boundless energy and always reminds me that God is in control. She has showed me the importance for being a good wife and grandmother and she teaches the Word every chance she gets. Cooking daily can burn many calories from chopping, lifting pans, stirring, and washing dishes. It also can control the sodium content and portions easily.  Cooking is a labor of love.

Tip or quotes of the day:

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song, above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

“Love People, cook for them” – Penzeys Spices

Take Action Today:

  • Start cooking at home (if you are not already)
  • Cook something fun with your children or grandchildren
  • Make some cookies or an apple pie for someone homebound

Food Shrinkage

Today is Wednesday, April 23rd

The Topic or Question of the Day:

Food Shrinkage

I have been experimenting with purposely taking smaller portions of food.  Eating less food has many benefits.  I will name a few.

1.  You will not feel so sluggish.

2.  You gain some control of your appetite and decision making.

3.  You decrease your calorie intake and over time, you can drop a few unwanted pounds or improve your blood chemistry.

4.  You save money on your grocery bill.  

5.  You may save money on your medications that may be reduced or possibly no longer needed.

Quote or Tip of the Day:

“Calories cost money” “Time, calories and money must be budgeted” – Gary North

Take Action Today:

Begin shrinking your food portions and pay attention to how your feel.  

Remember distractions can get your through a hunger pang.

Chew On That!

Today is Thursday, April 10th

The Topic or Question of the Day:

Have your ever been caught?

Sometimes you never really “get it,” until you are caught!  This happened to me this past month and has made a huge impact on my actions.  The  blunder made me realize two important truths.

Truth # 1:  Chewing your food well (until it is like applesauce), really works in calorie control and also indigestion.  We were made to chew and the mechanism actually tells our brain we ate something.  I learned at a conference a couple years ago that a study was done using jelly beans and soda pop.  250 calories of soda pop were given to one group of people and 250 calories of jelly beans were given to another group.  The people who chewed and swallowed the jelly beans ate less during the rest of the afternoon.  The group who drank their calories, were hungry within an hour and sought food to eat.  When we take time to chew, it appears our body realizes it ate something and we have more satiety.  Interesting that both groups consumed the same amount of calories and one group was satisfied and the other not.

Truth # 2:  Getting caught is a good thing.  We were having dinner with some friends and my friend noticed I was not chewing like I suggested to him a while back.  BUSTED!  It really made me more aware of remembering to practice what I preach.  Since then, I have become much more attentive to my eating for two reasons.  One, I know it works from past experience with myself and my clients, and secondly, I do not want to be phony.  I thank my friend for bringing this to my attention, it was a great lesson!

Quote or Tip of the Day:

Practice what you preach!

Take Action Today:

1.  Chew your food until it is liquid.

2.  Examine yourself and things you might be doing that are inconsistent with your speech.

3.  Resolve to change the things you can improve on.

Ride the Tide

Today is January 30th

The topic or question of the day:

Ride the Tide

     Sometimes we just get a ‘little’ hungry, or a particular smell conjures up an urge for something yummy.  We might be driving and pass the golden arches, Quick Trip or a Braums, and drop in because we think it’s time to refuel.  Maybe we strolled into a co-workers office and saw candy on the desk.  Our taste buds start salivating, and our stomachs prepare for “incoming” treats.   We are not really hungry because hungry is when you are lost in a forest and haven’t eaten for days!

     Do we really need to give into these cravings? When these happen, I urge you to “Ride the Tide”.  Try to get through a little hunger pang and you will save yourself many calories. This is helpful when you are trying to lost weight.

Three of my favorite ‘Tide Riders’ are:

  1. Get out my “to do” or distraction list and pick one to complete (I usually forget about food).
  2. Eat a honey stick or 1 glucose tab and drink a big glass of water (only one).
  3. Set my phone alarm for 1 hour and see if I can deal with the hungry feeling (It usually goes away).

Tip or Quote of the day:

We access our emotions by our thinking. 

Thinking verses Feelings. 

Do not listen to yourself, talk to yourself and Ride that Tide!

Talk to your self  

Take action today:

  • Buy some honey sticks and glucose tablets (15 calories a piece)
  • Write a list of distractions that take no longer than 5- 15 minutes.
  • Practice ‘Riding the Tide’