Curds and Whey

Today is Friday, March 7th

The question of the day is:

What are curds and whey?

Do you remember Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey?  Curds are basically cottage cheese (casein) or soft cheese that are formed when enzymes or live cultures are added to milk and coagulate.   Whey is the liquid substance formed and floats to the top.  Whey is then isolated and dried to form whey protein isolate.  Some of these are combined and processed to make whey protein concentrate, a cheaper alternative.  There are several types of whey produced with whey protein isolate being considered the “gold standard.”

Whey digests quickly whereas casein has a slower rate of digestion.  Therefore, each is used by people for different purposes.  80% of milk is made up of casein and 20% is whey.  That is the reason whey is more expensive, because there is less of it.

Tip or the day:

Don’t drain the liquid off the top of your yogurt or cottage cheese.  It is expensive whey!

Take Action Today:

Read up for yourself on whey protein and casein, the differences between isolate and concentrates.  You decide what you will eat or not eat and as I always say… be careful little eyes what you read!  Try to make some sense out of all the articles out there and run some experiments yourself.  Monday I will tell you about my bread experiment!