The Dilly Bar Dilemma

A childhood story of mine really captures the impact of sticking to what you say, as difficult as it can be.

I was about 8 or 10 years old and my 3 sisters and my parents were on a Sunday drive to visit our relatives in Rockford, Illinois. My dad stopped at a Dairy Queen about half way from home and Rockford as he sometimes did to surprise us and buy us a Dilly Bar. Back then, parents usually ordered whatever food the family was going to eat and we just ate it. There were not choices…usually. However, this time, my dad bought 3 cherry and 3 chocolate dilly bars. I wanted a cherry dilly bar. I did not get one. I got a chocolate dilly bar. I pouted and whined, arguing that I wanted a cherry dilly bar. I will never, ever forget what happened next and the lesson I learned stayed with me forever. My dad took my chocolate dilly bar away and I got nothing. My sisters and parents ate their dilly bars while I cried and watched. It taught me not to complain over food and to grateful for what I was given. You know it was hard on my parents to do, and probably broke their hearts, but they loved me and wanted me to grow up grateful.

I went to a seminar a few years ago that said parents today are: “Loving their children to death”. What a scary statement. I believe it is true as I see kids getting their way all the time when it comes to food. I beg all of you young parents out there. Teach your children gratitude and stick to healthy principles that will teach them manners and obedience.