Distractions Work

Today is Tuesday, April 8th (Happy Birthday Jaime and Ruth! Happy Anniversary Gustafsons!)

The topic or question of the day:

Importance for distractions

When we were in the process of moving and I was in the process of learning a new job, I personally experienced the power of distraction and eating.  I was a bit stressed with the unexpected move (our property was not for sale at the time), and the busyness of preparing for a new job.  Both my husband and I lost 5 lbs. easily in 1 month by working hard, packing up our house, fixing things and using our muscles moving boxes and furniture.  The distractions of the move changed our routine and our appetites.

I have always told clients to have a list of distractions to turn to when hunger strikes.  We often eat out of boredom and distractions can prevent needless calories.  Distractions should not take longer than 20 minutes. They redirect your routine, especially your eating habits.   Examples of some distractions are:

1.  Writing a letter to a relative or friend.

2.  Cleaning out a desk drawer or closet.

3.  Making egg, bean, or tuna salad for later.

4.  Reading a chapter of a book.

5.  Taking a walk or work on a flower bed.

6.  Start writing poetry or work a puzzle.

Once you participate in distraction, your thoughts of hunger or food move to thoughts about completion of your project.  This is good and prevents you from eating when you are not really hungry.

Quote or tip of the day:

“When hunger hits, do not resist

the pick of one distraction.

Write a letter, read a book

Save calories with some action!” – Suzanne

Call to Action:

Write your list of distractions.  Make sure the tasks can be completed in 15-20 minutes.