Think Twice

Processed verses Whole Foods

While sometimes an Emergency Meal (July 15th Blog) is needed, we must be careful in regards to processed foods as routine eating. There are times we may need to use processed foods for convenience sake, but whole foods are always best. Label reading becomes of upmost importance, even though labels can be “off” by several percentage points.

Whole foods are much better and should be your first option.

Whole food examples:
Fresh fruits – raw or cooked
Fresh vegetables – raw or cooked
Dried beans, cooked
Plain yogurt, milk, eggs, hard cheeses, cottage cheese without additives
Nuts and seeds
Fresh beef, poultry, fish

5 important “looks” when label reading

# 1 Look at the list of ingredients. If there is more than 3 or 4, think twice.

# 2 Look for the serving size

# 3 Look for the sodium (if 200 mg or more for a serving, think twice)

# 4 Look for the calories from fat (if 25% or more comes from fat, think twice)

# 5 Look for “added sugar” (no more than 25-37 g of added sugar per day)

We will discuss added sugar another day. It is too much to tackle today. Stay tuned.

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My name is Suzanne Forsberg MA, RD/LD, CDE, founder and owner of the Food Thinkery. I believe thinking is vital to healthy living. I encourage people think about what they are doing and eating daily; where they are heading, to realize there is hope today and a cause for joy in an attempt to correct and prevent bodily disorders and ill health. Poor habits can be changed and disorders improved, just as muscles and minds can be exercised and enhanced. We can exercise our taste buds and learn to like foods we may disdain. What we think and believe leads us to take action.
By thinking and making better choices, our body rejoices and our health span may lengthen. You see, we all have a life span and a health span. A life span is the time you are born until you die. The death rate is the only thing that is 100% full proof in the world. We all have an appointed time to die. The question is…how long before we begin with health problems that derail our dreams? Your health span is how long you will keep that skip in your step, how long your mind will be sharp, and how long your bones, heart and organs will remain strong and free from diseases. Your health span can change for many reasons besides poor dietary intake. It may change from a freak accident, an unexplainable cancer, a genetic mutation or an autoimmune virus to name a few as a result of a fallen and broken world.

The Food Thinkery is beginning a unique 1 year course for all those seeking wisdom for intelligent eating. It is designed for weight loss, but is also plain good business. There is a direct connection between time, calories and money says author Gary North. Come and learn about health- building foods, time/money saving tips, and renew your soul. Even if you have failed miserably with your food choices in the past, fear not! You can start eating your way back to bodily health and wellness.
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