Vitamin Antioxidants

Today is Thursday, February 6th

The topic or question of the day is:

Antioxidant Vitamins

There are 3 antioxidant vitamins.  Beta-carotene/carotenoids, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  These anti-oxidant vitamins control free radicals in our body by neutralizing or converting them into harmless waste products.  They can even undo some damage already done!  Free radicals are unstable molecules with a missing electron that makes them rogue.  Free radicals can damage your body. 

     Antioxidants work in synergy with each other, against these free radicals, yet they have different jobs.  Because Vitamin C is water soluble, it removes free radicals from fluids inside and outside of the cells in our body while Beta carotene and Vitamin E are fat soluble and work in fat tissues and lipids.  Excess of any of these can cause an imbalance.  The best way to ensure you get enough is to eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.  It is not a good idea to take excess amounts of anything (see yesterday’s blog).  Tomorrow we will talk about sources of Beta-carotene and the carotenoids.

Riddle of the Day:

Round and round and round we go

Seeing all the things that grow

Some on top and some below

Which is which?  Do you know?

I eat iron from the ground

I grow long but never round

My vitamins will give you spark

So you can see things in the dark

What am I?


Take Action Today:

Make carrot-apple salad by shredding 5 carrots and 1 large Granny Smith apple.  Add 1/3 cup pineapple or orange juice along with some cinnamon.  Mix, chill & eat!