The Hand Grab

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today we continue with guidelines for proper portions.  This one is my favorite and I believe it makes good sense.  I call it the Hand Grab.  When I teach this method, I encourage people to picture various food dishes lined up or being passed at a table that do not have any utensils for serving. This is when I have them picture or imagine their hands being used as utensils.  We are all different shapes and sizes and I believe a grasp of your personal handful size of food is a good “portion” of food for that person.  A little child has a little hand, therefore, their “handful” is probably adequate for them.  I am not as big as my husband and neither is my hand as large as his hand, so he obviously would require a bigger portion than I.  Make sense?  I think so in most cases.  Always remember that we only need 4 handfuls of food for each of the food groups.  One handful of protein, one handful of starch or a whole grain, one handful of fruit, and one handful of vegetables.  Some people would rather have 2 handfuls of vegetables, 1 of protein and 1 of whole grain and that is fine too.  We do not all like the same kinds of foods.

A bit of caution when you are at a wedding buffet table, Thanksgiving extravaganza , church supper, or a such a feast.  Because there are so many delicious and tantalizing dishes, you may want to use The Dollop Method.  You would place a dollop of this or that on your plate.  Only enough for a taste, remembering that the First 3 bites taste the best!  Do not go back for seconds either.  Enough is Enough.  We will talk about that tomorrow!