Let Us Eat Iceberg Lettuce

Today is Thursday, April 24th

The Topic of Today is:

Iceberg Lettuce

While grocery shopping, I often hear people giving others wacky advice about food and nutrition.  I chuckle to myself and move on.  One of the most common “words of wisdom” given by these pseudo scientists is the warning not to eat iceberg lettuce.  They tell people it has no nutritional value and that is not true.  Every food has some nutritional value.  I think the best thing about iceberg besides the crunch is the water content.  Many people are walking around dehydrated from drinking coffee, tea, and caffeinated soda pop throughout the day and iceberg lettuce is 68% water.  One cup contains 10 calories, 22% of your vitamin K needs, 13 mg of calcium along with small amounts of 16 different vitamins and minerals. Although they are small, I believe all are placed in the right combination and work in synergy.  

I have seen iceberg lettuce work as a great diet tool for a client trying to lose weight.  The client would cut a head of lettuce in 6 wedges and eat 1 wedge (no dressing) before her lunch and dinner.  It caused her to eat less and improved her elimination due to the fiber content.  She also said she loved the crunch.  People taking the medication warfarin (coumadin) or those with some bowel disorders must be careful when eating all types of lettuce and most people know how much they can tolerate.  So next time you are at the grocery store or hear someone say iceberg lettuce is “bad”, come to its defense!

Quote of the day:

” Don’t Allow Mr. and Mrs. Iceberg Lettuce Head” to be Shipwrecked!” –  Suzanne

Take Action Today:

Enjoy the crunch and hydrate yourself with a wedge of iceberg lettuce, it may even help shed a few pounds!