Food vs. Schedules

Today is Monday, May 5th

The  topic or question of the day is:

Does your food intake reflect your daily schedule?

When you happen to have a late dinner and a few too many calories, do you stay on your “normal” eating schedule the next day or do you adjust and eat breakfast a little later?  When you know the day will be busy and you will be “on the run,” do you have a plan or do you wing it?  Do you pack food for the day or rely on fast food?  When your day is uniform, do you eat at the same times and with the same content of nutrients?  Brian Wasink (Mindless Eating) says we make over 250 decisions a day about eating.  Thinking is important and I believe most of us struggle because we don’t think.  I have witnessed many clients who are successful in managing their health by experimenting with various methods of eating.   It takes time.

Life was more “uniform” back in the 50’s and 60’s and it was easier to stay on a good eating schedule for most people.  Today, more people work long hours, night shift or swing shifts, so our routine must be planned and adjusted accordingly.  I like what Sara Josepha Buell Hale says about eating and encourage people to stop and consider their days and how they should eat.  This week we will discuss some different modes of eating for crazy schedules so stay tuned.

Quote or Tip of the Day:

“Nature has no mixed or particular hours for eating.

  1. When the mode of life is uniform; adopt fixed hours of eating.
  2. When the mode is irregular; be guided by real wants of the system dictated by appetite.
  3. A strong laboring person, engaged in hard work will require more food and more often then an indolent sedentary person.”

– Sara Josepha Buell Hale

Take Action Today:

Think over your schedules, especially on the weekends and discover how you might improve your energy by intelligent eating.