Monday Morning Quarterback

Today is Monday, February 3rd

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Monday Morning Quarterback

     An enormous amount of food was consumed at Super Bowl parties last night.  Brian Wansink of Mindless Eating states: “The size of serving bowls, scoops, and plates influences how much an intelligent, informed person eats.”  The bigger the bowl, the more Chex mix a person will take and eat.  Consequently, the bigger and wider the glasses, the more liquid will be dispensed.  With taller glasses, people actually pour less and thus consume less.

     I tried this myself when serving a large group in the past.  By placing the mashed potatoes in a smaller bowl with a tablespoon instead of a big serving spoon, people actually served themselves less.  When I used a huge bowl and huge serving spoon, people definitely plopped more on their plates, thus ate more.  Variety also leads to excess intake because our senses want to try everything.  Awareness of this knowledge is important, especially for Super Bowl, tailgating or birthday parties.  Always remember, the first 3 bites taste the best!

     Another interesting experiment Brian conducted had to do with chicken legs.  He served chicken legs to a room of people.  While they were eating, he instructed the waitresses/waiters to pick up the bones immediately on some tables while leaving the bones on other tables.  What do you think happened?  The people who saw all the bones piled up on their tables ate less than the people who ate at the tables where the bones were picked up and out of sight.  

Tip of the day:

We eat more than we think.  Watch those chicken bones.

Think and eat intelligently!

Take Action Today:

Be mindful of convenience foods, like boneless chicken legs and peanuts.

Shop garage sales for tall, fluted glasses, and use smaller dishes and utensils

Walk all week to burn excess calories consumed yesterday.


Smaller plates and utensils