New Dietary Rules

Newton’s Law of Gravity

Like Newton’s Law of Gravity There Are Dietary Rules Communicating Change.

As you know, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the Law of gravity. Everyone knew that an object suspended in space when released fell to the ground. When objects fall to the ground many of them like eggs, for example, end up like Humpty Dumpty. A dietary pattern, surprisingly enough, is almost as fragile. The good news is that a dietary pattern can be repaired and restored.

Every home needs to understand the rules of gravity (diet). Start now!

1. Communicate changes to all family members.
2. Make a booklet of new rules to refer to
3. Have children help make up the new rules

Some new rules may include:
* Hours the kitchen is open.
* No children allowed in the cupboards or refrigerator without permission.
* Designate specific snack times and types of snacks allowed.
* All food is to be eaten at the table.
* “Feasts” allowed once per month. (Birthdays, Holidays)
* Dinner menu will be posted daily.
* Lunches will be packed the night before.
* Know what will be served for breakfast the night before.

The parent is the “Gatekeeper”

Children do not drive or pay for the groceries.
Adults are role models.
Children are to be obedient and honor their parents.


1. Did you call your family meeting yet?
2. Are you willing to make new rules for your home?
3. What “feasts/birthdays/ occur this month?

This Week:

Be a good role model
Children must obey