Building Walls

Today is Wednesday, May 28th

The Topic or Question of the Day:

Building Walls

People have a great deal of nutrition knowledge, they want to practice healthy lifestyles, but have difficulty putting it into action.  Others mean well, but struggle with the knowledge needed for success.

For example: We wanted a bumper crop of tomatoes one year and thought that miracle grow was the answer (and may well have been in the proper amount). But we used too much and produced mutant tomatoes. We also knew that water is needed for plants, but did not know how much or how to care for our azaleas, therefore, we killed an azalea garden 30×20 feet or more at our first house.

Knowledge is important, but how to use it and what to do is the most important.


  1. We ought to have a plan. (I know I always repeat this)
  2. Build a wall
  3. Stay on your wall

The Plan:

  1. Write or “scratch out” daily menus and visually post them.
  2. Track what you eat either write it down, or keep it to memory.
  3. Shop from a grocery list or plan what to order before going into a restaurant.
  4. Plan your day (time wise)

Building the Wall: (for protection)

  1. Purge pantry of trigger foods to protect you from overeating.
  2. Learn portions to protect your caloric intake.
  3. Practice good food mechanics to protect you from eating too fast.
  4. Drive a different route if certain places “call out your name” to protect you from impulse decisions.

Staying on your wall:

  1. Don’t give up – Nehemiah didn’t.
  2. When friends ask you to lunch, quickly decide how to manage it.
  3. When temptations arise, use distractions/revulsion technique.
  4. Go for a walk or another type of movement therapy.
  5. Response card…Dr. Beck encourages a card with a saying or statement.

Quote or Tip of the Day:

“You can’t eat whatever you want, whenever you want and for whatever reason you want and lose weight. You must make a choice”. – Dr. Judith Beck

Take Action Today:

* Write your response cards

* Build your walls

* Practice staying on your wall

Note:  I realize, many tips or blogs i write are similar with ideas written in different ways.  I have found in the 33 years in the nutrition field that people need the information in different ways so I try to strike a cord with all types of people.  I encourage you to go back and read some of the older blogs again because you never know when you are ripe for one of the tips.