Colorful Kid’s Snack

Colorful layers

Before we move onto sugar alcohols and non-nutritive sweeteners, I thought I would give you a chance to read labels for “added sugars,” over the weekend and end this week with a little story about what my children were fed for a fun snack when they were 2-5 years old.

First of all, kids like to eat out of “adult like” dishes. They don’t always like the “kid’s stuff”. I had some parfait cups from Tupperware and would layer frozen peas and frozen corn in 3 layers and let them eat the frozen vegetable “parfaits” while watching cartoons at 3:30. The colors were attractive to children and the taste was sweet. I would begin cooking dinner at this time. Peas and corn contain starchy carbs, fiber and phytochemicals. Some people think corn does not have any “nutrition worth”, but I ask you to think it over. The yellow color of the corn has many phytochemicals not found in other colors of fruits and vegetables. I believe all food has some worth and it is always the balance and portion that is important.

Have a great weekend and remember to read food labels, stick to your new house rules, try some new foods in new ways and be thankful for your food.